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Quantam Sandwich Panel & Porta Cabin

     To be a leader in sustainable business and establish a leading position in providing sustainable, renewable and affordable best practice solutions for the construction sector

     As a Fabricator and solution provider, we match our customers' needs with our state of the art technology and our driven staff. We strive to execute projects with precision and efficiency, within the our clients' timelines, and at minimal costs. We achieve this all while maintaining the highest quality grade of materials.

     Our research and development team is continuously working to perfect our products by leveraging new technology to better meet our customers' rapidly changing demands.

     Our staff undergoes ongoing mandatory training to ensure that their expertise and knowledge is always up to date. This ensures we always provide the highest quality output at the lowest cost.

     As a company we strive to positively influence our community by consistently increasing our performance and competitiveness, all while adhering to our core values.

Our Vision

     QSPPC is a Bangladeshi production company that develops, produces and markets metal construction elements for roofs, ceilings and facades.QSPPC strives to be the lead provider of sandwich and sheet material solutions in the Bangladesh.

     Our focus is on fibre-reinforced thermoplastic panel technology and the supply of our unique range of composite materials which not only offer excellent strength to weight characteristics, but also durability, recyclability and carbon reduction.

     In combination with our partner we provide our customers with visible and measurable added value. We continuously enhance the benefits for our customers with targeted investments in products, methods, processes and services.

Our Mission